MM Buxnainnlegg Bamboo Panty Liner

1.590 kr

Maijat® cloth pantyliner. 

Bamboo is a breathable and comfortable material. Bamboo cotton comes next to skin and middle layer's soft bamboo fleece has wonderful absorbancy capacity. As a dryliner there is a layer of PUL breathable fabric. Outer layer is cotton and snaps hold the pantyliner tight in its place. The pantyliner can be used also with menstrual cup. Length is about 16 cm.

Produced by Myllymuksut Oy



Outer Layers:            53% bamboo viscose, 47% cotton

Absorbent Layer:    100% bamboo viscose

Waterproof Layer:   100% polyester, polyurethane laminated

Wash at 40-60°C. Remember to shape when wet, do not use a tumble dryer, do not bleach.