Me Luna Tíðabikar Small

3.950 kr


Dimensions: greatest diameter 38mm, length 45mm without grip.
Volume: 23ml to the brim, 15ml to the holes.

Me Luna® size S is one of the smallest menstrual cups worldwide. Slim, petite physique, no vaginal births, light menstrual flow, very good pelvic floor muscles - under these conditions could be suitable the Me Luna® size S.
Very slender built women who have never had sexual intercourse, and women who had a uterine prolapse could use the Me Luna® size S


These women use the Me Luna® size S

19 years old, 169 cm tall, medium build, athletic, firm tissue, no births, light flow.

45 years old, 158 cm tall, slim, difficulty gaining weight, no vaginal births, normal flow.

17 years old, 172 cm tall, very slender build, still a virgin, normal flow.

32 years old, 159 cm tall, slender build, firm tissue, 1 vaginal delivery, very athletic, well-trained pelvic floor, light flow.